I want to purchase a RasberryPi Model B, to explore the programming and robotics capabilities. I was just wondering about iOS and maybe even android, will it work on a Model B?

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You won't get iOS to run on the Pi hardware, but you can get Android running with various levels of usefulness.

There's a Pi blog post available. The wiki page (CC-BY-SA license) states:

CyanogenMOD 9 (based on Android 4.0): Boots, unusable Framebuffer issues: possibly due to the lack of double buffering and/or page flipping in the bcm2708 framebuffer driver Proper libEGL library not present: libraries are available, but those are linked against glibc instead of android's bionic libc (issue filed here) UI Crashes

CyanogenMOD 7.2 (based on Android 2.3): Boots, very slow, barely usable.(unstable) Same problem with the hardware acceleration libraries.

Official Android 4.0.3 (built by Broadcom): Boots, very fast with hardware acceleration, lacks AudioFlinger support. NOTE: Not yet released by Broadcom! More info: Broadcom Announcement

Ice Cream Sandwich (based on aosp): Very Doubtful That any Android that will be usable will ever be released.

Jellybean (based on aosp): Dream on.


The answer to this question answers whether or not iOS can be put on a Raspberry Pi pretty well.

If you looking to play with Android on Pi in advance of the source code release for Android 4.0 on the Raspberry Pi, you might want to check out the community Razdroid project, which last month produced its first non-accelerated port of Gingerbread on top of the publicly released VideoCore binary.

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