I have set up a correct VNC server, but when i try to login to it on my Mac it asks for login info. i tried using pi and the username and raspberry as the password but it did not work. Is there a way to figure out the login info through the Pi its self?

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It depends on your network configuration but just with a mac you have a big chance that it is configured with self assigned ip addresses. Then you will find the RasPi with the name raspberrypi.local on your network. The default password is raspberry of course.


Depending on how you setup VNC you can login with

open vnc://pi@IP:5901


open vnc://[email protected]:5901

VNC has its own password which you set on install.

I use tightvncserver, and the first time you use it you run vncpasswdwhich stores encrypted password in ~.vnc/passwd.

If you use the RealVNC included with Pi you need to install RealVNCviewer on Mac

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