I am working on a human-care project using RPi. The second phase of project is in progress, and I need small wireless temperature sensor to be able to place on a human body. I've searched the internet, and couldn't really find any small-and-price-acceptable sensors for my need. This one is the closest I saw (it's like a strip).

Also, I've found this on Amazon, and I wonder what's in the background ?

Do you have any suggestions or some lessons learned to share about this topic ? If there is no suitable wireless sensor, is there any bluetooth one that is practical for this usage ?

Thanks in advance.

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    Without knowing more about your application it will be hard to recommend anything. what range? runtime requirements? weight limits? Are you measuring body temperature or ambient temperature? – Craig Aug 22 '18 at 16:35
  • what are you asking here? ... I wonder what's in the background ? ..... what does this mean? price-acceptable – jsotola Aug 23 '18 at 18:18

As a first suggestion: Suggest you read this then consider editing your question (after perhaps doing more of your own research) to cast it as a question maybe more about technology rather than one looking for a product recommendation.

It appears, at a glance, that the sensors you've looked at are RFID "tags". As a class of solutions to use in your project, RFID tags seem to meet your criteria: wireless, small and inexpensive. They are also typically "passive" which means they will not need to have a battery. Further research for RFID solutions may lead to more and better choices than Amazon - which offers only what they have for sale!

While you haven't mentioned this in your question, you should also research RFID readers. There are add-on kits (for example) available from several vendors that will enable the RPi to read a passive RFID tag.

Hope that helps.


I recommend a infrared camera,but you shall calibrate and filter colors, this the cheap camera and this article wikipedia thermal camera, ofcourse is wireless , but require scan directly object , this article that use raspberry pi and camera

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