I'd like to create a fullscreen-GUI on my Pi's 7"-touchscreen and I think this would be pretty easy to accomplish if I just wanna have some GUI that let's me click some buttons to control some GPIO-pins, but I need a control-loop that runs over and over again in the background.

I also want the GUI to react to things that happen in the background-loop, for example when a button is pressed or a digital sensor activates an input.

This may be easy to solve, but I can't find a solution, I'm not that experienced with the raspberry pi, I just worked a lot more with Arduino.

I thought about doing all this with processing, because it's very "arduino-like", but I'd like to achieve this with python and I guess I just don't know how to do it, this can't be that hard.

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    I would do some research on frameworks such as tkinter, pygame and kivy – Dirk Aug 24 '18 at 10:09

As @Dirk says if you search for Raspberry Pi Python GPIO and tkinter or pygame or kivy you should find lots of examples.

Here is my example using pigpio and Kivy.


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