I recently got a raspberry pi. I have it set up as an access point in a standalone network (not connected to the internet). I can also serve a static website on this network. Ive been trying to set up a captive portal so that when a user joins the network it automatically takes them to this website.

Looking at these tutorials:

This is how I set up the access point

For captive portal using nodogsplash

So the access point is working but honestly I have no clue about how the captive portal works with this. Im wondering whether the pi has to be connected to the internet for the captive portal to work? If anyone knows anything useful, I will forever be in your debt.


In case of you need a customizable captive portal you can install all using this project Kupiki https://github.com/pihomeserver/Kupiki-Hotspot-Script

Once installed you can replace the captive portal by what ever you want using the Nginx configuration.

Internet is not mandatory. It's usefull if you want the page to be closed automatically once you are authenticated as it tries to reach a specific page to confirm that Internet is up

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