It's relatively simple to control the clock manager registers. I've found a set of values, and have C code that writes the desired values to the clock manager registers. This works well; that part of the problem is solved for me.

However, now I'm trying to incorporate that functionality into a kernel module. This answer makes it clear that a kernel module shall request IO memory prior to using it. So far so good.

However, this memory is already reserved by another module. Running sudo cat /proc/iomem tells me that this other module is called cprman:

$ sudo cat /proc/iomem ... irrelevant ... 3f101000-3f102fff : /soc/cprman@7e101000 ... irrelevant ...

A quick google search reveals that this is a kernel module dedicated to clock management. Great!

Does anyone know how to interface, from C, with this module? I would like to command a clock configuration, in the "right way". I have code that steps around the other kernel module and modifies the clock control registers directly. What I want is to play nice, and make the request through the piece of code that's supposed to be managing the clocks.

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