When I add dtoverlay=sdhost,overclock_50=80 to the /boot/config.txt and reboot my PI3 the wlan0 network interface disappears. When I roll back the change wlan0 comes back as well. I apply this change to a freshly installed Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) Lite installed using Noobs. How to fix this issue?


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This is WAD (working as designed) on a Pi3. Always read the overlays README (/boot/overlays/README) when you're changing dtoverlays or dtparams.

Info for sdhost:

N.B. This overlay is designed for situations where the mmc driver is the default, so it disables the other (mmc) interface - this will kill WiFi on a Pi3. If this isn't what you want, either use the sdtweak overlay or the new sd_* dtparams of the base DTBs.


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