Is there a bug in Raspbian join command? I can't get two files to join.

FILE1 left.cut: Level: Reputation: XP: XP to Next Level: Gold: Diamonds: Energy:

FILE2 right.cut: 111 154,955 722,642 911 1,225 0 1,500/1,500

none of the following works: join left.cut right.cut join left.cut right.cut > join.txt join -j left.cut right.cut > join.txt join -1 1 -2 1 -t"_" left.cut right.cut > join.txt

I just want a simple line by line file join: Level: 111 Reputation: 154,955 XP: 722,642 XP to Next Level: 911 Gold: 1,225 Diamonds: 0 Energy: 1,500/1,500

But join just about always errors on line 5 (sometimes on BOTH files), but always with FILE2 first. I have tried changed changing the spaces in FILE1 and the comma's in FILE2, but the error does not change, even if the line does.

I have verified the contents of the files with hexdump -C, that there are no hidden characters interfering.

I have used a "no option join" before with no problems, why is this not working?


From the join 'man' page:

For each pair of input lines with identical join fields, write a line to standard output. The default join field is the first, delimited by blanks.

So this will not work for your situation. The command 'paste' should work, though. Try

paste -d ' ' file1.cut file2.cut > join.txt

The -d parameter changes the delimiter from a tab to a space.

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Thanks for the above (simple) answer.

If you dont have access to paste for what ever reason, the following will work: for I in `seq 1 7`; do J=$(( $I - 1 )) echo "`cat left.cut | head -n $I | tail -n 1` `cat right.cut | head -n $I | tail -n 1`" >> join.txt done

The 7 being the number of lines in each file.

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