this is a part of a code for picroft skill:

def handle_command_intent(self, message):
    if message.data["command"].upper() == "BLINK":

the "data" and "command" and "speak" didn't define in the code how does python found what data is? how about the other?

another problem that i have is in the code below:

class iterable(object):
    def __init__(self, values):
        self.values = values
        self.location = 0

my question is why haven't location be put in the def arguments like below?

def __init__(self, values, location)

and why a function like below should be define?

def __iter__(self):
    return self

The code that i ask about is in github.com/MycroftAI/picroft_example_skill_gpio/blob/master/….


The first line of code in your message is a function definition. The variable "message" is an argument, and so is defined by the function itself. The function must be called with an object with a "data" property. which will be accessed within the function as message.data.

The "self" variable, by convention, refers to a particular instance of a class.

The example is deeply into object oriented Python. I'd suggest working through a couple of simple function definitions so that you get comfortable with the idea of arguments, then try defining a simple class and creating two instances of it to learn a bit more about class and object. Then return to the example.

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