I have a freshly deployed Windows IoT Core image (17134), I'm trying to connect to my WLAN from it. The problem is that no network is shown in the list.

enter image description here

In fact, the adapter seems to be off, since when I type "netsh add wlan profile ..." it says "there is no wireless interface on this system". But that's not true! In fact, I inserted my Raspbian microSD and it connects perfectly.

I've deployed the Windows IoT image many times to see if it's fixed. Strangely enough, each deployment is different: Sometimes, the wireless networks are shown, sometimes they aren't. When they are shown, I connect to my wifi network and it works until I reboot the device.

What's going on? It's really unstable!

This is a snapshot of what I see right now. I've redeployed like 10 times... I'm starting to be tired of it :(

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