I read the power supply should have 0.7A and that RPi by itself requires around 0.4A-0.5A. So, what if I want to connect an external USB SSD/HDD?

External SSD can require 0.5A (and maybe more), so should I use a power supply with more than 0.7A? Will higher current create any problem?

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You can't power a USB hard drive on the RPi, as the outputs are restricted to 140mA. Consider an externally powered hard drive.


Some USB hard drive enclosures are powered by two USB cables. The RPi alone cannot power one of these, but there are powered USB hubs that can. I have seen a RPi with an external HDD powered by this hub. I do not remember the brand/model of the HDD enclosure.

  • youdon't need an enclosure, just an adaptor. There are SATA to USB adapters. I've seen a laptop one that adapts it to two USB cables. He could then use a powered USB hub preferably with lots of ports, like 8-10 ports, like one made by pluggable or xenon.
    – barlop
    Oct 22, 2013 at 9:04

I managed to run an SATA SSD directly from the RPi-2! With a dual USB to single SATA cable I occupy 2 USB ports. The SSD is a Sandisk SDSSDP-64G-G25, 64 GB SSD which seems a good choice as it comes to power usage. It works without an external power source, directly powered from the USB ports! I use a 5v 3A USB adapter for the RPi though, it hardly warms up and is rock stable. Since I run this 24x7, this SSD is a good choice.

Greetings, Mike

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