Problem with unbound and pi-hole

I followed the official guide for installing Unbound alongside Pi-hole for my network, see Setting up Pi-hole as a recursive DNS server solution

A week ago I first followed this guide with a fresh installed Raspbian (lite) and everything worked out of the box. But today I followed the guide again (with a fresh install also) for my Pi-Zero at home and I just can't get unbound to work...

With dig pi-hole.net @ -p 5353 I always get "SERVFAIL" and if I look at the unbound.service I either get:

unbound[1187]: [1187:0] info: failed to prime trust anchor -- could not fetch DNSKEY rrset . DNSKEY IN

or something along the line of the anchor is NOT ok and could not be fixed

I have no idea why that keeps happening. I tried sudo unbound-anchor -v -a /var/lib/unbound/root.key (and other possible remedies I found online - like uninstall / using unbound-user etc) to reset the root.key-file but the anchor still fails.

Any help would be appreciated!

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