I've encountered a problem with my raspberry pi 3. I've moved to a new dormitory and the WIFI/Internet is a special protected one. I'm not familiar with network engineering but for this Internet you need to sign up before and afterwards you'll get a Nickname like this "1236283728182" and a password. After reading some online instructions and asking responsibles in the dorm, i found out that I need to establish a PPPOE-connection.

So i did.

I reset my RP (cause i had to much old data) and downloaded the rp-pppoe from this website (https://www.roaringpenguin.com/products/pppoe). Afterwards I installed "libcap-dev pppoeconf" since the Internet said so.

Then i unpacked the rp-pppoe and run it as quickinstallation (sudo ./go). I answered the questions (Username, Passwort, Firewall, DNS etc.) and typed pppoe-start to establish a connection.

The program says "Connected!" but I have no access to the Internet at all! It must be the right setting cause if i typed random stuff in, it says "............... TIMEOUT" instead of ".Connected!".

Something is fishy here and i hope you guys can help me find out what it is.

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    installing pppoeconf installs a bunch of stuff, including ppp, pppoe - what made you think you need to install rp-pppoe? – Jaromanda X Sep 23 '18 at 1:20
  • It is very difficult to help in this situation. In principle you say: "I have installed some program from somewhere and it doesn't work. What shall I do?" There is a little chance if someone also uses rp-pppoe but I have less hope. Best is to ask the maintainer of that program. Better chance for help here I see with Raspbians own pppoe stuff from its repository. – Ingo Sep 23 '18 at 7:57

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