I have created a game that only runs on a pi and I want to upload to the Pi Store, but I need to take a screenshot of the game. Anyone know some good software for taking screenshots on a pi?


There are several programs to take screenshots. One that I have used is ImageMagick. Install by running the command:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

To grab the whole desktop:

import -window root screen.png

Another one that I use is scrot, a useful, simple command line utility. To install:

sudo apt-get install scrot

Then run scrot -s and click on the window you want a screenshot of. You will get a timestamp-based .png in the working directory of your terminal. See man scrot for more options.


You can use >Scrot<


sudo apt-get install scrot

To take a screenshot press >Print Scr< as in Windows, and go to filemanager to see your screenshot.

To display the list of scrot command:

sudo scrot -h

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