I have a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Stretch OS installed, I want to take an image of its current state then run in it in virtual environment on my Windows machine, make some changes to the OS state (i.e. install some software, add some files, etc.) take a new image and then run this new image on Raspberry Pi. I found a virtual machine for Raspberry VirtualBox but it does not work with Raspbian OS so I cannot create an image that will be compatible with an actual Raspberry Pi.

Are there any good, relatively easy solutions to this problem?


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The Raspberry Pi has an ARM processor which is incompatible to the x86 processor family of your MS-Windows PC. That's why VirtualBox et al. do nothing.

You have to emulate the ARM processor in software. QEMU can do this, but it's rather slow. See e.g. here.

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