I want to turn my raspberry pi 3 witch installed Raspbian OS to access point and client to access wifi and bridge these two each other (in this question it's better to skip this bridge part). Exactly, I want to change on-board Wi-Fi to access point and add a wifi dongle to raspberry pi 3 and get connected to some SSID.

I dig in the deep of the internet and try all solution that I find but none of them work correctly. Some time this two wifi worked great, but after each reboot because of priority of these two in load base system, all systems I work on it broke and no response.

Can you help me, how can I catch this situation and configure raspberry pi 3 to work this two wifi correctly beside each other and does not make a problem after each reboot or shutdown?


One of the best topics I found on the internet was this link, but unfortunately after while, its better say after each shutdown wlan0 and wlan1 broke some time and its not stable, again I search why its happening and find out, after each reboot or shutdown Linux system boot wifi dongle faster than wifi onboard and this case to break the configuration we made.

Creating Wireless Router using Raspberry Pi Zero W

  • I find a repo that says you can use onboard wifi as an AP and Client, but this not works correctly and in the issues mention this problem. github.com/cjimti/iotwifi Commented Oct 21, 2018 at 14:33

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You want to add a wifi client interface to a bridge. This must be supported by the wifi device with using WDS (wireless distribution service) but the Raspberry Pi hardware does not support it. For further information you can look at Raspberry Pi WiFi to Ethernet Bridge for a server?. So we are limited to routing. I have made a configuration with a second wifi adapter used as access point. It's fairly simple with this additional hardware. But for your needs you only have to swap the interfaces wlan0 and wlan1 to make the on board wifi an access point. I think it shouldn't be to difficult. You can look at RPI3 Raspbian Stretch regular connection on wlan0 AP on wlan1.

I have just the idea that the second wifi usb dongle may be able to support WDS. On my wifi dongle I found a hint that that could be possible with:

rpi ~$ sudo iw list | less

In the pager I found on Supported commands for my dongle the command set_wds_peer which isn't available for the on board wifi device. So it is worth a try to sudo iw dev wlan1 set 4addr on and add wlan1 as slave to a bridge. The interface from the on board wifi device can always added to a bridge when it is used for an access point. So it may be possible to have a real bridge but I haven't tried it yet.

update 2:
You wrote:

Exactly, I want to change on-board Wi-Fi to access point and add a wifi dongle to raspberry pi 3 and get connected to some SSID.

This implies what is written: the WiFi dongle shall connect to a SSID given by a another remote access point, so it has to use a WiFi client connection to the other remote access point. Now you added a link, showing that the WiFi dongle should create an access point (not using a client connection). How to do it is easy. Just look at Access point as WiFi router/repeater with additional WiFi-dongle.

  • thanks for your answer, its better skip that bridge part and focuse on a solution to figure out how can I configure this two wifi work as an AP and Client. Commented Oct 22, 2018 at 6:28
  • update my question and add a link that really close to my question and solution i want to achieve. Commented Oct 22, 2018 at 6:52
  • @HosseinMarzban Your question was confusing. I have updated the answer with update 2.
    – Ingo
    Commented Jun 5, 2020 at 9:30

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