I'm currently trying to bind a custom kernel module to ttyS0 of my Raspberry Pi Zero WH.

With raspi-config I set the Interface Options for Serial to

The serial login shell is disabled
The serial interface is enabled  

The next step was the required unbinding which evidently worked flawless by getting the major/minor device ID and then running

pi@raspberrypi:/sys/dev/char/4:64/device/driver $ echo -n "20215040.serial" | sudo tee -a unbind

So I'm now stuck in the /sys/bus/serio/drivers/<my-module>/ directory, trying to bind the recently unbound ttyS0 to it, but I just don't get what to put as the device path?:

echo -n "<what to enter here?>" | sudo tee -a bind

For example,

echo -n "/sys/devices/platform/serial8250/tty:ttyS0" | sudo tee -a bind


tee: bind: No such device

Clues, anyone?

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