A small (18k) mariadb database restore on a new install of raspbian-lite stretch runs extremely slowly (taking more than a minute to complete).

sudo apt-get install mysql-server


sudo apt-get install mariadb-server-10.1

test (after creating database)

sudo mysql -u root internet < /home/pi/MySQL/internet.sql

If I run the same restore on a Pi3B with new raspbian-desktop stretch, it completes in less than a second.

Also OK on an old wheezy install.

Cannot see any config file differences.

Purged and re-installed mariadb - no change. Same result in Pi1B and Pi3B+. Tried 3 different sd cards too.


Tried another new install of raspbian-desktop - that also is slow, but the original new (a few days ago) install is still OK.

No problem with wheezy (MySQL 5.5)

No problem with jessie (MySQL 5.7)

It screams config., but unless I've missed a file, I cannot see any difference (as listed in /etc/mysql/mariadb.cnf).

  • To clarify things: are you comparing performance on the same model Pi (e.g. Pi zero with Stretch Lite vs Pi zero with Stretch Desktop)? – Dirk Oct 24 '18 at 11:19
  • Pi1B with stretch-lite 75 seconds, Pi3B+ with stretch-lite 20 seconds. P1B with wheezy, Pi3B with stretch-desktop both less than a second. – David Oct 24 '18 at 12:35

I have come to the conclusion that the write slowness is attributable to the sd cards I have been attempting to re-use. The correctly behaving raspian-desktop Pi3 has a new SanDisk 16GB Ultra card. I took a copy of that 'working' card and, after having to resize the image to fit, copied it onto another SanDisk 16GB Ultra card and exeprienced the same phenomenon. The cards seem to freeze for 20-80 seconds, and performing a sync directly after can take up to 10 further seconds. I also saw this occassional freezing behaviour during use of raspex (a jessie based os) where the green activity light was solid and mouse clicks were responded to slowly - up to 60 seconds at times.

I always use etcher on my notebook to write images because of the read verification pass, but it appears this is much less a reliable indication of a card than I assumed.

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