Can someone please help me out on how to change this to make a tar file of a user home folder on the Raspberry and move it to my MAC desktop

ssh pi@xxxx "sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M | gzip -" | dd of=~/Desktop/pibackup.gz

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From the MAC start a ssh session. I assume sudo on the RasPi is not asking for a password.

ssh pi@xxxx sudo tar -czf - -V "Backup of the home folder from myuser" -C /home/myuser/ ./ | dd of=~/Desktop/myuser_backup.tar.gz bs=1M

The options for tar mean: -c create a tar archive, z create a gziped archive. f is the archive name, here with - it is send to standard output so it can be piped to dd on the MAC, -V is a description stored in the archive, -C is the directory to start with the backup, ./ is the directory with subdirectories to backup.

This gziped tar archive is piped to dd on the MAC and its output file is specfied with of=. bs=1M is to increase the block size to 1 megabyte for transfer over the network to increase performance.

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