Within the framework of a lab I had to compile a kernel using several commands such as: make zImage j-8 make modules j-8 make dtbs j-8

j-8 means I used parallel compilation but I am asked this question: how can we know if a parallel compilation is complete without errors ? I don’t know if the answer is the simple fact that the shell completed successfully (the exit status is zero) and that I can write a command in a new line or if the answer is more complicated.

  • make prints an error message in case of failures, something like make: *** [target] Error message. You can also check the exit code: 0 means success, 1 means the target is outdated, 2 means error. Commented Oct 31, 2018 at 14:37

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As Dmitry points out, errors produced during make should be obvious.

However, it's not impossible, when running a parallel build, for one task to fail and the error output to get buried by output from concurrent tasks. Remaining tasks will then be aborted, but I'm not sure that this in itself is indicated.

You can use -O or -Oline to make concurrent output more orderly, but when in doubt, scroll up if possible.

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