I am a complete beginner in pi's world. Here's my situation :

I'm trying to stream audio and video at the same time on my pi. I've got it figured out and i am able to stream the audio and video at the same time. I am using mjpg-streamer to stream video and darkice + icecast2 to stream audio. I can display both on my web page using and .

The problem is that the audio delayed so badly (about 8-10 sec), which is okay since i don't need realtime streaming that much. The problem is that it doesn't syncing with my video.

My plan is that i want to delay the video to at least close to match the audio stream delay.

Can i do it using mjpg-streamer ?

Thank you very much

  • Not sure but maybe worth a try: raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/a/28247/78211 – Fabian Nov 8 at 20:42
  • if you're streaming audio and video using separate streams then there's no guarantee of a close sync for everyone - i.e. one user could be close and another could be seconds apart - such is the vagaries of icecast – Jaromanda X Nov 8 at 22:13

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