Was just wondering this when trying to configure an RPi as a router, is there a software that you can install on your pi to be able to configure the port forwarding, DHCP, etc by accessing the local address like in your browser, just like router firmware do?

I couldn't find anything on Google about this (might be searching the wrong term) and I understand that chromium security probably didn't allow to modify system files, but there's always someone who figures out how to do the impossible


The Raspberry Pi is made for education and to learn how hardware and software works. It is not intended to use it point and click for specific use cases. So I worry that you will not find something for your needs just working out of the box. But you are invited to program it ;-)

It may be possible that you find some images made for a router with a Raspberry Pi. I made a quick search on google with raspberry pi router distro and for example found this: Raspberry Pi - Wifi Router Project. But this seems to be outdated because of using old hardware and software. And yes, you should also look at the suggestion from @jsotola he has made in his comment.

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