Guys i've some problems with my wifi-dongle DWA-121, i've installed the driver module 8188eu and i can't get any ip address on my wlan0 interface. The wpa_supplicant.conf files and interfaces seems good, but i've issues. Any help? Thanks

I've used this link for driver


  • Is that DWA-121 an USB dongle? Are you sure you need a driver? If I plug in my USB to wifi dongle I just see its interface wlan1 out of the box. – Ingo Nov 14 '18 at 10:30
  • yes it's usb, drivers are that i've linked and i've wlan0 – tommy Nov 14 '18 at 10:35
  • What Raspberry Pi do you use? Doesn't it have an on board ethernet port? Do you get interface wlan0 with or without the driver module 8188eu? – Ingo Nov 14 '18 at 10:53
  • I've a pi2, yes have eth port. I get driver working with 8188eu, but i've problem with wpa_supplicant that doens't start automatically – tommy Nov 14 '18 at 10:54
  • Have you followed Setting WiFi up via the command line? – Ingo Nov 14 '18 at 11:14

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