https://github.com/Phoenix1747/RouteryPi How can i change this to get 5Ghz? I tried to change mode to ac, but that doesn't seem to work. Where can i get descent information on the parameters in this hostapd config file, and how to write a good config file?

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I see that the man pages for hostapd are quite useless

I found a more useful page https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Hostapd with the following example

802.11a/n/ac with WPA2-PSK and CCMP

A simple but secure AP for recent hardware:
FILE /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf

interface=wlan0       # the interface used by the AP
hw_mode=a             # a simply means 5GHz
channel=0             # the channel to use, 0 means the AP will search for the channel with the least interferences 
ieee80211d=1          # limit the frequencies used to those allowed in the country
country_code=FR       # the country code
ieee80211n=1          # 802.11n support
ieee80211ac=1         # 802.11ac support
wmm_enabled=1         # QoS support

ssid=somename         # the name of the AP
auth_algs=1           # 1=wpa, 2=wep, 3=both
wpa=2                 # WPA2 only

with the useful comment

hw_mode=a             # a simply means 5GHz

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