I have had some success connecting to my Bluetooth devices but only when I'm in the same room as the Rpi. This limits the utility somewhat... I had hoped to be able to use them anywhere in my home. I will (eventually) move the Rpi into a more central location, but I don't think that it will give me sufficient range.

I would like what seems to be 15-25 meters (max) through drywall/lumber walls on a single floor.

It's my understanding that the Rpi 3 does have an unpopulated antenna connector, but that this is only for the wifi (I use ethernet).

Are there any USB adapters that might solve this problem? The only ones I can find on Amazon are those low profile ones that stick out a quarter of an inch. I can't imagine those will be a superior option (probably just for keyboards/mice a few inches away?).

  • What Bluetooth devices are you connecting? – CoderMike Nov 20 '18 at 7:06
  • @CoderMike For now, a blood glucose monitor. Soon, several others (blood pressure, bathroom scale). The bathroom scale may actually be close enough that it's not the issue, but the others I don't want to traipse to the other side of the house to use. It also somehow picked up my FIXD obd2 device in the car, which I didn't even know was on while the engine was off... might be interesting to be able to use that, though I don't think that's feasible really. – John O Nov 20 '18 at 7:10

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