i`d like to share my raspbery pi 3b+ to my mikrotik, i have hostspot area in my school, but i have to pay to get an account, so i want to buy one account, than share it with my friends, with raspberry and mikrotik.

i`v try to setup my raspberry pi eth0 wlan0 to cell phone

my raspberry pi are already set to share the internet by ip tables sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE

it`s works good when i directly connect from my windows 10 laptop, with configuration : ip configuration for laptop

it`s works good and can connect to internet.

but when i try to connect from my mikrotik rb951ui - 2hnd, its didn`t work, i cann ping my raspberry pi ( from my mikrotik, but i cant ping internet, my mikoritk configuration : eth2 : ( this port directly connected to raspberry eth0 port and i put the gateway setup on /ip routes gateway as you see the status are unreachable

the status are unreachable, but if i ping from the mikrotik terminal, its give reply.

when i connect my pc to mikrotik hotspot, ican ping the ( raspberry ) but still cannot connect to internet, even i`v set the config as figure 1.

i think this is my expectation

expectation please anybody help me, thanks before

  • Do you configure the RasPi as wifi access point? Why do you do not connect the cell phone direct to the access point of the mikrotik? Does the mikrotik ever had an internet connection? – Ingo Nov 21 at 18:53
  • id like to use this network for my school, so latter i will use school hotspot, for internet connection, my mikrotik are default setup , iv just reset it. i use raspi because i wish i can share some tutorials to my friends who connected to my mikrotik on the login page.just like video,pdf, or any articles – Ono Bang Nov 22 at 6:43

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