I have a (headless) raspberry pi zero w with cameramodule. From this topic:

How to stream video from Raspberry Pi camera and watch it live

I found how to stream this to VLC on my pc or phone. And it works (although a bit laggy) fine. However, the only way I can find to stop the stream is to CTRL+C out which lets me control the pi via putty again, but it leaves the camara enabled and it makes it impossible to restart another stream without rebooting the pi.

I have tried every combination of cvnc:exit, stop, cancel, quit etc. With and without the cvnc before it. But I cant get it to stop streaming. And there are about a milion topics on every site starting the stream. But I couldn't find even one that tells me how to stop it on command (not by timer).

How can I stop the stream?


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