So, for the purposes of a project I'm working on, I need to have multiple bluetooth dongles connect to my Raspberry Pi 3 B. I'll be needing to use 3 dongles + on-board bluetooth. So, I tried using bluez and bluetoothctl with the onboard bluetooth and they work beautifully, scanning for beacons and giving me RSSI readings. Now, if I were to get USB Bluetooth dongles, would they be automatically picked up by Raspbian or is there a setup required? Also, I found these CC2540 serial bluetooth modules at a local shop, as opposed to using USB dongles, will they need setup for them to be used with bluetoothctl, bluez? Drivers? I've also read that with the PI 3 it's either the on-board bluetooth or a GPIO module, but not both at the same time, so would I better off using a USB dongle or maybe getting a TTL to usb interface?

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  • Why do you need multiple bluetooth dongles? – CoderMike Nov 26 at 9:01
  • @CoderMike It's for a simulation / model I'm working on. They'll each be placed in slightly differing spots such that I'd be able to look up RSSI readings for a beacon passing next to them, and then figure out the direction it went in. – Ibraheem Nofal Nov 26 at 13:40
  • Why not use multiple Pi Zero W's and send the data back to a master Pi maybe with MQTT messages. – CoderMike Nov 26 at 13:56
  • @CoderMike Because atm that would slightly complicate things. I currently have a PI 3 and a Zero W on hand and seeing how they won't be very far apart, a few Bluetooth dongles + a USB extention cable would do the trick, and I'd rather use one PI for quicker prototyping, though what you suggested could be a possibility for later on. The master Pi is exactly the one that has the dongles connected to it. – Ibraheem Nofal Nov 26 at 14:00

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