I have been mucking round with lots of different ffmpeg options. I have plenty of browser tabs open with web pages for me to read through.

One caught my attention though as it had this comment:

picamera is quite fast to retrieve snaps when you set video mode, check it out, you will probably will get 11 fps or more with decent resolution

So, I am trying to find an example of this. I stumbled up 'Unosquare.RaspberryIO' and I can see the approach is to use a Process object which I assumed already I need to use.

I am also assuming to do this I need to set a fag/option in the cpommand arguments to enable mjpeg frames to be extracted from the video stream.

I have added this to that framework:

    data =>
        if ( data.Length - 2 > -1 )
            if ( data[ data.Length - 2 ] == 255 && data[ data.Length - 1 ] == 217 )
                Console.WriteLine( "new Image" );

But it is not picking up any images. Does anyone have a working example?

Of course i will still be looking...

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