I have an app that streams mjpeg and I am 'extracting' the jpegs from the stream.

This works fine.

I then used the same app on a fresh install of Raspberry Pi and now my code will not work.

I am guessing that there are some files missing which enable Raspivid to stream mjpeg.

Like I said I am guessing. I just cannot think of anything else.

The preview works ok but my test for a jpeg frame does not.

this is my process call:

raspivid  " --codec MJPEG -w 810 -h 648 -fps 10   -cd MJPEG -t 0 -o - "

and I am looking for this header:

private static readonly byte[] jpeg = { 255, 216, 255, 224 };

from the data stream - which is never picked up.

But it is on the other RPI.

Can anyone help please?

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