I have a 2 TB Seagate drive on my Linksys WRT1900AC router USB. I can access it as a network drive on my Windows 10 PC and as an ftp site when I'm remote. I'm trying to access it on my RPi 3B+ but I keep having problems connecting.

I created /home/pi/SEAGATE/share


sudo mount -t cifs -o username=John,password=mypassword // SEAGATE/share

but I get a 112 Host is down error and the share directory is empty.

I tried

sudo nano /etc/fstab

and added

// /home/pi/SEAGATE/share cifs username=John,password=mypassword 0 0

but after reboot I still don't have the drive and the SEAGATE/share folder is empty.

I can access the file using FTP both using LAN and WAN IP addresses.
The Linksys has not been flashed to OpenWrt, and is running original OS.

Any suggestions?



  • I was missing leading /
  • vers=1.0 may have helped
  • Drive had two logical names. S-Drive wasn't working. Seagate was.


sudo mount --verbose -o username=John,password=********,vers=1.0 // /home/pi/SEAGATE/share/

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