I am using a raspberry pi 3 b (not b+) and I am looking to install Ubuntu MATE I am currently running Raspbian but I have heard of Ubuntu MATE and wish to use it. However I have not another computer to install it with. I don't know a lot of terminal things, I know basic stuff but nothing like this. If someone can help and give me a guide on how to do this I would appreciate. I have a flash drive if I need one.


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you will need another sd card (plugged it to a reader in the USB port) and have downloaded the UbuntuMate image file already for this to work.

from the command promt



to show the /dev/ of the sd card (unplug it and check again if you're unsure)

using dd can destroy the image you have installed already if used incorrectly.

first, unmount the drive with

sudo umount /dev/sd#?

second, write the image to the drive

sudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu-mate.img of=/dev/sd#? bs=1M status=progress

now try out the new sd card in your pi

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