I connect the Ethernet to micro USB dongle to the USB port of the Zero. I then connect a micro USB to USB dongle to the PWR port. However, I still don't see any signs that the device is on the network (I checked the list of attached devices on my router).

I've tested all parts in isolation and they all work.

What am I missing here?

enter image description here

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    Is this USB-Ethernet-Dongle supported by Raspbian? What does lsusb and ifconfig tell you? – kwasmich Nov 29 at 17:12
  • @kwasmich How would I check lsusb and ifconfig? I have no way to connect to the Zero (since all ports are taken). – AngryHacker Nov 29 at 17:26
  • @kwasmich I can't seem to find a list of supported USB-Ethernet dongles. Do you have a URL handy? – AngryHacker Nov 29 at 17:27
  • There is no definitive list of supported devices only a community based collection of devices known to work or not at eLinux. – kwasmich Nov 30 at 5:40
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    Yes but you can use a full featured Pi for development and then just swap the SD-Card. That's the magic behind Raspberry Pi. I'd recommend you to go with a USB-Serial converter which you can get pretty cheap. – kwasmich Nov 30 at 8:13

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