Trying to make a glove with a Pi 0 W and arduino Lilypad, but I can not figure out how to send data from one to the other over a USB cable or the GPIO to PWM pins. The idea is I would have an accelerometer and/or flex sensor on the arduino, then I would transfer that data to the Pi I did some research, and found that it would be possible over USB, but not sure if it would work the same for an arduino Lilypad and Pi Zero.

Does anyone know if a connection between the micro-USB on the Lilypad to the micro-USB on the pi Zero W will be able to send serial data AND power the arduino?

  • Welcome to raspberrypi stackexchange. Try to be more specific and show what is your findings until now. – smajli Dec 1 at 9:56
  • 1
    Have you dismissed the use of serial? – Dougie Dec 1 at 10:33
  • No, serial is an option, I am relatively new to all this though, so the answer will need to be detailed – 3NiGMa Dec 1 at 23:34
  • the answer will need to be detailed - That's not how this site works. You need to do your own research and ask a specific question when you're stuck, not just post some ideas and wait for someone to implement them. – Dmitry Grigoryev Dec 4 at 9:35

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