I am using a Pi to send sms via SixFab IoT shield and I am stuck at a stupid issue

I am using one of their sample examples

The code goes like this

  sendSMS.py - This is basic SMS Service example.
  Created by Yasin Kaya (selengalp), October 31, 2018.
from cellulariot import cellulariot
import time

node = cellulariot.CellularIoT()


node.sendSMS("xxxxxxxxxxxxx","hello world!")

My terminal is not able to parse the AT command x1A and stuck at that point. My board has network I did check it with the commands given. Anybody who had worked with this please help.

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    what does this mean? not able to parse the AT command x1A ..... if it an error, then what is the exact error message that you are getting? – jsotola Dec 2 at 0:41

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