I'm a total newbie here. I've made a project using mainly led bulb and ultrasonic sensor in Raspberry Pi B model (without Wi-Fi). So far everything works like charm.

However, my main goal is to connect the raspberry pi to a platform called OneM2M. So far I still could not grasp the concept of OneM2M platform. At the moment I keep stumble upon a framework called "&cube:xxx" developed by OCEAN. Don't ask me what is that, I have no idea at all.

My teacher told me to refers to this github page to understand, but I totally cannot understand the whole concept. To make things worst, the project in this github is using is based on Arduino uno, my teacher said the main thing to work for OneM2M is the file named "onem2m-adn.ino" in onem2m-device folder.

Can anyone provide me some assistance?

  • why are you not asking your teacher for help? – jsotola Dec 4 at 3:03
  • please add links to OneM2M and to &cube:xxx – jsotola Dec 4 at 3:08
  • you are asking for assistance, but you have not defined clearly what you are trying to do – jsotola Dec 4 at 3:09

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