Anyone else running docker AND Pi-Hole on Raspbian?

I wanted to experiment with docker on my RPi, but I've hit a brick wall. After installing the using apt, it can't seem to pull anything from the repositories. I keep getting either a 'Tag latest not found in repository' error or 'TLS handshake timeout' when specifying a different tag when pulling.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ docker pull hello-world:latest
latest: Pulling from library/hello-world
6dd7e8e38242: Pulling fs layer
0e0e51368dbf: Pulling fs layer
Pulling repository
Tag latest not found in repository

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ docker pull nextcloud:rc-fpm
rc-fpm: Pulling from library/nextcloud
e1cf0272c6e7: Pulling fs layer
ec7769aeef26: Pulling fs layer
d46c3ea3cf53: Pulling fs layer
1e717012bed3: Pulling fs layer
d74110d2b082: Pulling fs layer
f48dc8a9b9cb: Pulling fs layer
3de3a8a262f9: Pulling fs layer
dd109f705e4b: Pulling fs layer
47e7adf112bf: Pulling fs layer
16d4e9901f22: Pulling fs layer
35dc90641aed: Pulling fs layer
97d19624f4bb: Pulling fs layer
88d4ea9e0bbc: Pulling fs layer
1d03df7088da: Pulling fs layer
8479cdcdfe35: Pulling fs layer
77bc14518cd9: Pulling fs layer
b0be80be7dd7: Pulling fs layer
89b743abe262: Pulling fs layer
330d615c1eae: Pulling fs layer
67d26b5e07a0: Pulling fs layer
92dd268cb14f: Pulling fs layer
4fe964875faa: Pulling fs layer
c102a2a36d09: Pulling fs layer
4d57f49c618a: Pulling fs layer
2ba54abdec49: Pulling fs layer
bb815eb77b78: Pulling fs layer
92461d12153e: Pulling fs layer
a94660707236: Pulling fs layer
612d1ee779c8: Pulling fs layer
2d5f90133cc0: Pulling fs layer
59c5927baf08: Pulling fs layer
147e5b4b18cf: Pulling fs layer
e6e7b8c91088: Pulling fs layer
81fb8350f2f4: Pulling fs layer
a2926bd6b76b: Pulling fs layer
Pulling repository
Error while pulling image: Get                 /library/nextcloud/images: net/http: TLS handshake timeout

Could this be due to Pi-Hole which is running directly on the host OS? Maybe it's messing with the connection?

No solutions found online have helped me so far..

  • What version of the hardware and OS are you running and how did you install – YetAnotherRandomUser Dec 6 at 18:54

I've had the same problem today while pulling resin/rpi-raspbian. Worked in Ubuntu VM, but not on the Pi. I've also used a Pyhton image a week ago. Now I could not pull it anymore. Docker was installed with apt.

(sudo apt install

I just managed to solve it by removing docker and installing it via a script I found online.

Remove docker

sudo apt purge docker*

Install docker

curl -fsSL -o && sh


Hope this will help!

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  • Welcome. That script (which you can read via does not build anything from source. It identifies your distro and installs it with apt-get -- although it may not be doing it quite the same way as you did originally. You'd have to scrutinize it a bit for the details. – goldilocks Dec 11 at 16:54
  • I must admit that I did not look at the script. Just Googled - Docker from source - and this command poped up. However, it solved my problem and it's just another way of installing Docker. – Ricardo van der Vlag Dec 11 at 19:01
  • 2
    That script is well recommended. I added my comment in case someone else looking for a solution sees that and thinks, "Yikes! There must be a better way..." -- I don't know how long it would take to build from source on a Pi, but I suspect a while, and source builds are prone to various gotchas. Put another way, maybe you want to correct that above ;) – goldilocks Dec 11 at 19:36

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