I have burned Raspbian stretch os image in the card and have installed all the software I need in pi. I have then cloned this same image into other raspberry pi devices which I have and thus all 5 Pi now have the same machine id in them.

Machine id can be accessed using sudo cat /etc/machine-id. The python script which run inside the pi uses the machine id. If its same in all the devices then its going to create problem.

Can I update the machine id and change it some other unique id. What exactly is the machine id and how can I change it.? Thanks

  • Why not try using the processor ID instead so it's tied to the hardware? Something like awk -F: '/Serial/{print $2}' /proc/cpuinfo or awk -F: '/Serial/{print $2}' /proc/cpuinfo | md5sum should get you started... Dec 6 '18 at 8:45
  • What exactly is the machine id .... try using manual pages in linux man machine-id Dec 6 '18 at 8:53

The machine-id is just generated on next boot if the file /etc/machine-id is empty. So simple do:

rpi ~$ sudo rm /etc/machine-id
rpi ~$ sudo touch /etc/machine-id

and reboot.


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