I’m starting a project to upgrade a laboratory machine. The objective is to read the signals of sensors, visualize the data (in real time if possible) and store it if that is desired. I have been working with Python before with deep neural networks and have tested data acquisition with Raspbian and Python, but all this has been made via the console. As the system will be used by other professionals that don't use Python, I would like to make a GUI that they can use. What GUI system would you suggest? By now I’m learning Kivy, does it let me create real-time graphics?

Will I be able to boot to that GUI instead of the desktop? It will use mouse and keyboard for interaction.

  • Kivy is meant for touch screen I think (but should work fine). You should start with the widgets you need rather than the framework. See if you can find some nice widgets that minimises the need for writing code, and then just use the framework that seems best for those widgets. – Tomas By Dec 6 at 21:47
  • Thenx, I see there is a widget for that. I will lern how to use them. – Pedro Dec 10 at 13:07

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