I came across two different DSI LCD touchscreens (1, 2), but I'm not clear if they will work on the Raspberry Pi, but more importantly, I'm not clear on what specs i should be looking at the check if they are compatible or not. From what I can tell, their physical interface is compatible, but I suspect that there would be missing drivers or missing support somewhere else in the chain.

The Banana Pro specs say "LVDS/RGB/CPU display interface (DSI)". The product page for the RockPro64 says it has a "MIPI-DSI 2560*1600 +Touchpanel port".

How do I determine if a DSI display is compatible with my DSI enabled SBC? For example, a Raspberry Pi. Do I just need the correct drivers?

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They won't work. The only supported display is the one created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and sold by their usual distributors.

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