i am working with raspberry pi suddenly my terminal got stuck and after i dis-connect my raspberrypi and again connect it ;but it not detect my raspberrypi sd card and i found that 3v3 pin is not providing any output and check with multimeter it show 0v,but in 5v pin i got 5v. I also see this kind of problem in my office,3 raspberrypi devices fail in that way.Anybody told me how to rectify this problem. is my device can able to repair?

  • How were you powering your Pi? What did you have connected to it? – CoderMike Dec 17 '18 at 13:41

It is not economical to attempt a repair. It will be cheaper to buy a new Pi.

If the 3V3 power circuitry is broken it might have caused further problems downstream. The SoC may have been destroyed.

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