When I try to light up one pixel at a time, the whole column lights up. This happens no matter what color I set it to. The rainbow when the pi boots up is also distorted since the columns are lighting up. Is this a problem I could fix, or is my display a goner? I'm using a RPi 3 if that matters.

Edit: I mean when I try to light up just one pixel with a color (for example red) the entire column is lighting up with that color. I know the code is correct because I tested it in the emulator. I'm wondering if this is some kind of connection issues or if I have a faulty board.

Here's the code (as per the API available vi a Foundation URL: https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/sense-hat/ link to the page containing this https://pythonhosted.org/sense-hat/api/#set_pixel ):

from sense_hat import SenseHat

sense = SenseHat()

sense.set_pixel(0, 0, 255, 0, 0)
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    Please add the code you're using to your question – Dirk Dec 19 '18 at 14:55
  • Welcome to the Raspberry Pi flavoured corner of the Stack Exchange network, you might wish to take the tour to get more information about the best way to use this site. I have edited the question to provide a link to the API documentation - which does suggest to me that the code should do what you say: i.e. it should light up just one pixel (of the 8 rows by 8 columns) in the corner {the (0, 0) one} in red - why it doesn't is not obvious to me either! – SlySven Dec 24 '18 at 2:12

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