I'm trying to use Redshift on my Raspberry Pi, but running redshift -O 2500 gives the error

Gamma ramp size too small: 0
Failed to start adjustment method randr.
Trying next method...
Using method `vidmode'.

I've seen that I have to enable OpenGL graphics from raspi-config > Advanced Options > GL Driver, and other posts say there should be an option to enable "Experimental OpenGL Driver".

But on my version (just upgraded to Raspbian Stretch), I have 3 options (not "Experimental"):

  • GL (Full KMS)
  • GL (Fake KMS)
  • Legacy

None of them seems to work (I rebooted and got the same error).

Is there any other package to install ? Or is it even possible with Stretch ?

Note: (don't know if this can be helpful) when running minecraft-pi with the Full KMS driver, I got this warning several times:

libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate

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