Is it possible to use the raspberry pi to transmit USB signal to another computer?

I am wanting to plug a wired keyboard into a usb hub and transmit the signal to another computer to essentially make the keyboard wireless. If a raspberry pi wouldn't work in this situation does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could accomplish this?

Thanks for your replies


The way this is done in several existing projects out there is to emulate a Bluetooth HID on a computer. The one I know which is open-source is hidclient. The setup is far from seamless though. I've used Master Control in the past, and it was much more user-friendly, but AFAIK it's not open-source.

It's also possible to transmit raw USB packets over a TCP/IP network (WiFi, if you want it wireless). Again, the setup will be more complex as just pairing a BT keyboard/mouse. You need to set up the network, tell the PC which IP address to use, etc.

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