So basically I want to create an ecosystem where I connect a HDD to my Rpi and. The HDD has movies on it. Then I want to create a hotspot on the Rpi and then let upto 8 Android Devices connect to it. Finally, I want to let the users to be able to watch the movies on their phones which is connected to the Rpi. I am using a Rpi-B with Raspbian Stretch. I am facing various issues, the most annoying one being that the RPI is not able to create access point with the tutorials present online. Also, I my preferred mode of programming language is Python-3

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    What is the question you are asking? Try and make your question much more specific and include what you have tried and what results you got, As further comment: Streaming different movies simultaneously to multiple devices is likely to be a huge push for the Pi. Streaming a single movie at SD type resolution would be an ask using the built-in WiFi. The only way this might work would be with highly compressed video being buffered and decoded on the clients - Even then getting it to work for 8 users at a time is ambitious. – Charemer Jan 2 '19 at 12:14
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