3B Plus model and latest Raspbian version.

I’m developing an ExpressJs app where I could display photos and videos as a slideshow in a web browser. Everything works fine except when it comes to videos. Whenever I want to play a video imported from a phone, or a MacOS screen recording video, it will lag (The video is stored on Pi, its not streaming). How ever if I play 1080p video downloaded from YouTube it will run smooth. I can also watch 1080p videos directly on YouTube without any problems (NOTE: i am using h264ify plugin).

I’ve tried running it in multiple browsers without luck ( I didn’t try KWeb3). I also switched to Chromium OS to give it a try but that didnt show any improvement.

What could be the root cause of this? The videos I imported from phone were shot by iPhone 8 Plus and Sony Xperia Z2. Is there any way to enforce the videos to play in a same format as the ones from YT? Or what would be the possible solution?

  • The video is stored on Pi, its not streaming ..... how are you watching the video? – jsotola Jan 3 at 1:45

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