I'm doing a face recognition project that uses opencv and python to recognize a person's face on a pc. Now, my goal is to use a raspberry pi to access one of my gpio ports, and when One face was detected in my pc then to turn on a led. My problem is how can I connect my pc to a raspberry pi and use the code that runs on my pc to run the raspberry pi gpio?

  • This is too broad of a question from here. There's LOTS of information on how to control GPIO on Raspberry Pi. If you've tried something specific and hit a specific problem, give us some details.
    – Brick
    Jan 6, 2019 at 16:14

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Use pigpio or GPIOZero with python. That allows a python program running anywhere to connect to your RPi and change the status of GPIO pins.

GPIOZero remote control


One way to do this is make your Raspberry Pi as a server using Flask or LAMP and communicate with your PC. If you are using LAMP(Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) to create server, you can use WiringPi. You can also use WiringPi-Python to communicate to GPIO pins from PC.

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