I'm currently looking for a display 5 inches or less for my PI, but there are a lot of information and since I'm quite new to the world of raspberry I'm looking for some help and guidance on where should I start looking for the screen.

The final configuration of the PI will be to install retroPie and assemble together with display, 8 push buttons, 6 tactile buttons, 2 joysticks, power button, 2 speakers and controllers all this with usage of some arduino stuff.

I will strip the raspberry the most I can so I can make a slim build.

  1. Do all the displays require installation of drivers?

  2. What options do I have to connect the display to the Pi that don't cover all GPIO connectors?


It depends on what interface the display have. If it's a Display with HDMI it doesn't need any driver. If it's an display with SPI interface you need a driver.

PS I have a display with HDMI for the display and SPI for the "touch screen" so it can act as a mouse/digitizer.

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I have used the official 7" touch screen with a lot of success. While it is not the cheapest option, it works out of the box and it is of good quality. Because of it's configuration, it allows for all of the GPIO pins to be available as well.

Just a thought.

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The HyperPixel from Pimoroni is a great 4" screen that fits on a Raspberry Pi - they have touch and non-touch screen versions.

I am really impressed with the HyperPixel that I'm running on my Raspberry Pi 3.

The HyperPixel sits on top of the Raspberry Pi and thus ends up being about 30mm thick from top of the screen to the base of the Pi.

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    Looking at OP's question it is important to add that the Hyperpixel is a DPI screen so it uses (almost) all GPIO (see pinout.xyz/pinout/hyperpixel4) – Dirk Jan 9 '19 at 10:44

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