After installing Raspbian Strech from NOOBS_v3_0_0 on my Raspberry 3B I have observed that setting up Bluetooth is not a completely easy matter. Most helpful was the installation of the BT manager as explained here:


As I was able to print on a HP sprocket, the BT device clearly works.

Now to my question: Is it possible to listen to audio via Raspberry's BT? I am able to connect and disconnect to a BT stereo device. The BT manager states "connected" resp. "disconnected" and the connecting/disconnecting sounds from the stereo are audible. However, there is no sound when I play a locally stored piece of music using vlc or an internet video stream using e.g. YouTube. By the way, vlc -> Audio -> Audio Device does not show the BT-connection as an option as it does on my laptop installation. Moreover, is not a vlc problem, as the analog connection via 3.5mm wire works.

Any hint is welcome. Thanks xenialUser

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