I tried to login to compute module 3 io board from a USB serial port in my PC, but PUTTY just hangs there.

Following procedures have been made:

  1. raspi-config -> interface options -> serial port -> say yes to login shell over serial.
  2. Reboot CM3.
  3. Installed driver for USB serial connector on my PC.
  4. Connect RX line (white) to GPIO 14 (UART0 TX), TX line (green) to GPIO 15 (UART0 RX), ground line (black) to a nearby GND pin. For the 3.3v line (red), I tried either connect it to GPIO27 or just hang it. The meaning of pins are referred from Compute Module IO Pins
  5. Open PUTTY in my PC, connect to COM3 with 115200 baud rate.

After all these works, PUTTY just show me a flashing cursor. It neither show command prompt, nor respond to my keyboard.

  • What's the voltage levels of the USB serial connector? – Ghanima Jan 9 at 19:42
  • @Ghanima 3.3 Volt – jiandingzhe Jan 10 at 3:31

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